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Magally Erminy Imery

Artist born in Caracas-Venezuela, with one releases pictorial trajectory that begins in 1970; it has made multiple individual and collective exhibitions, obtaining mentions and prizes inside and outside its country.

The subject of its paintings in the last years she is the Woman and us it presents/displays it with a very expressionist and Caribbean vision with its load of light and color, showing a particular way to shape it in total linen cloth of harmony, characteristic that frames all its work, reflecting a sincere emotion before the beautiful thing, that she knows to express in aesthetic values obtained with plastic experience and of the technical resources that guarantee its painting.

Its work this based on three aspects that seem to be their obsession. The color since it has a range very personnel who characterizes it, and who by itself produces rejoicing, the balance like composition criterion and the chromatic harmonies like fundamental values. These elements are one states in their work, reflecting a personality unmistakable together with its thematic and creativity.

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Miami. Fl

+1 786.757.8968 / +1 786.241.4243

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