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Magally Erminy Imery 


Undergraduate Courses

1969: Begins her drawing studies

1970: Travel to Europe: France, Italy and Spain. Study the impressionism master technique.

1971: Study under the professional direction of Luis Alvarez de Lugo master.

1972: Join the group “Taller Casa Municipal de la Juventud” directed by Geula Zilberman

1973: Admitted on the free course of the “Artes Plásticas Cristóbal Rojas” plastic school.

1974: After this date, she begins to work on where workshop.

1982 – 1987: Studies on the Art school of the “Universidad Central de Venezuela” University

Collective Exhibition

1971: Young artist saloon.

1972: Young municipal house, Caracas - Venezuela

1973: Municipal council, Caracas - Venezuela

1974: Annual saloon of study gallery master alumni, Caracas - Venezuela

1974: Municipal house of Vargas young department, Caracas – Venezuela

1976: First paint art saloon C.A.V.N. Humboldt Planetarium, Caracas – Venezuela

1976: Municipal council of Distrito Federal (Galería del Ayuntamiento), Caracas – Venezuela

1980: First paint annual saloon of national army forces, Caracas – Venezuela

1981: Second paint annual saloon of national army forces, Caracas – Venezuela

1988: US ARMY annual saloon, Fort Benning Columbus – United States

1990: Special guest of the Andes artistic special force, San Cristóbal - Venezuela

1995: BANAP Gallery (Formas y Expresiones del Arte Contemporáneo), Caracas -Venezuela

2005: Iberoamerican pictoric exposition, Teather Tower, Miami – United States

2005: Art Fusion Galleries, Miami – United States

2014: Art Fest Doral. Rotary Club of Doral

2016: White’s Art Gallery (Bird Road Art District)

2019: Basel Week (Art Circuit)

Individual Showrooms

1975: Fecha study gallery.

1977: Forty anniversary of National Guard, Casa Guipuzcoana, Vargas - Venezuela.

1977: Municipal council of Distrito Federal. (Galería del Ayuntamiento), Caracas - Venezuela

1989: Peterson Gallery, Houston – United States

1990: Tonchala Hotel, Colombia.

1993: Camurí Grande Club, Vargas - Venezuela

1996: Showroom government palace of distrito federal, Caracas - Venezuela

2003: American Embassy, Caracas - Venezuela.

2005: Datran Center.Miami.Fl 

2006: Carlos Arriola Gallery. Hotel Camino Real. Ciudad de Guatemala.

Rewards obtained

1971: Young Painters Award Prize

1974: Honorific Mention on Annual Professor’s College, Caracas - Venezuela.

1981: Honorific mention on Second Annual Hall of The Army Forces, Caracas - Venezuela.

1987: Fort Benning Art Contest prize, Caracas - Venezuela

2005: International Latin American  “Sociocultural Magazine” Dimploma of Merit.

Works Exhibited in Miami

- Rosario Salazar

- Ivette Arango Interiors

- Unusual by Giselle Interior Desing

- Deco One Interiors Group

- Haveli

- Bon balance order nature 

BIO: Resume
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